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M Abed / 19 Apr 2017

# Items Specification
1 Name B-TOX
2 Description
Performance Drilling Benotnite HDD Bentonite Sea Water Bentonite High Effect Bentonite
Viscosity dial reading at 600r/min ≥ 30 45 30 80
Yieldpoint/PlasticViscosityRatio ≤ 3.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
Filtratation volume /ml ≤ 15.0 16 15 16
75μm pass rate ≤ 96% 96% 96% 96%
3 Indication

B-TOX treats many diseases and health issues, and is used in many fields of alternative medicine as a detoxifier - The B-TOX is an effective detoxifier that contains substances that absorb toxins from the gastro-intestinal system. B-TOX can never be absorbed by the body, so it is not Toxic at all, when given B-TOX with psyllium husk, it does the important job of absorbing all toxic substances from the mucous membranes, it is like a magnet that attracts toxins, then the important psyllium husks finish by pushing all those unpleasant substances such as mucous plaque out of the body. The reason why B-TOX is so effective at doing this is that it is negatively charged and most of the body's toxins are positively charged, so this makes B-TOX very useful in sticking to toxins. It is effective in cases of intestinal inflammation because it is effective in absorbing inflammatory products. Dosing; Garouj: 1 - 2 kg / ton of laying feed:, and g - kg / ton of feed - B - TOX is a curative variety in cases of severe viral infections in broiler flocks, where a severe decrease in the mortality rate was observed immediately after its use by adding it to the feeder at a rate of 10 g / kg. Fodder. - Studies conducted on each B-TOX have shown that it increases the conversion rate by 2--3% in order to maintain the integrity of the bird's digestive system. B - TOX absorption of any toxic substance imaginable: (impurities - harmful germs, toxins - pesticides - pathogens - parasites ... etc.) It does this without any serious side effects, because as mentioned above, it cannot be absorbed from the body. According to Frederick Dassarro, B-TOX can help put an end to diarrhea. - B-Tox cleans the linings of the intestine Finally after it cleans the colon, the colon can absorb nutrients and minerals much easier than before. As a result, symptoms and diseases disappear from this increase in absorption and elimination of toxins

4 Dosage 1-2kg/ton
5 Package 25kg/Bag

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