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M Abrik / 04 Jun 2017

# Items Specification
1 Pharmacological action Nosiheptide is highly active against Gram-positive microorganisms and few Gram-negative bacteria, especially Clostridium Perfringens. Nosiheptide can inhibit the synthesis of protein in bacteria, repress the development of harmful bacteria and keep the absorption of intestines in good order, so it can promote growth performance of animals and improve feed efficiency. Also it has special effect on Necrotic Enteritis and Diarrhea.
2 Characteristics For animal use specially.
  • It is difficulty to occur bacterial resistance and there is no cross resistance with other antibiotics.
  • It can?t absorbed by tissue from the gastro-intestinal and there is no residue in animal tissue.
  • It is safety and low toxicity for animal.
  • It is harmlessness to environment.
3 Specification 2.0% Nosiheptide Premix.
4 Usage and Dosage Poultry 1.25g/ton
Aquatic 0.25g/ton
5 Withdrawal period 7 days before slaughter.
6 Package and Storage 25kg/Bag.Well stored in cool and dry place.
7 Valid period 2 Years
8 Document number of approval (2007)110073014
9 Production licence (2012)030472730

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